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Oil Painting





MA Humanities graduate with experience in making art, photography and sculptural installations. Web designer and Holocaust historian.





                    My existence has been a kaleidoscope of experiences, a journey towards mastering sculptural installation, photography, moving image and video, writing, and artist’s books. I navigate the realms of art, history, and technology with equal ease, wearing multiple hats: artist, historian, web designer, and a polyglot fluent in English, Polish, Spanish, Hebrew, and the ancient tongues of Latin and Greek. The digital realm is my playground, proficient in platforms like Adobe, Artificial Intelligence tools such as CoPilot, Jasper and Google Suite.

Guided by a passion for classical studies, I delved into Latin, ancient theatre history, and archaeology at the Open University. My thirst for knowledge led me through esteemed institutions like the University of Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Manchester, London School of Journalism, the University of Chicago and the Cambridge Woolf Institute. I also studied at the Krakow Medical School of Massage and Physiotherapy. From 2013 to 2018, I immersed myself in Art Photography at the University of Brighton, earning both a BA (Hons) and an MA. In 2020, a new chapter began as I explored Jewish History and Culture at the University of Southampton, securing another MA.


My art projects are a poignant manifestation of deeply personal experiences, carved by my interest in the Holocaust. The echoes of the past, etched into the childhood memories filled with stories of Adolf Hitler and World War II, have paved the path for these creations. These are not just art forms; they represent an enduring memory. A conscious departure from hatred, they embody a stark reminder of the history that unfolded. The "Flagrant Injustice" project, for instance, deftly leverages archival photos from the war, bringing to life the chilling reality of the times. The literature pieces, drawing inspiration from works linked to the Holocaust such as those by Elie Wiesel, paint a vivid picture of the sorrowful saga. A meticulous and judicious selection of information bolsters the veracity of each work. These projects, thus, stand as a heartfelt tribute to history, a constant reminder of the phrase 'Never again'.

Amidst the realms of academia and art, I have not forgotten my medical background. I've ventured into the neuroscience of Autism, working on projects that illuminate the profound bond between a mother and her autistic child - a counter-narrative to the historical perspectives on Autism. 

The 'Against 'Refrigerator Mothers' Project' is a vibrant initiative that promotes positive narratives about the unique bond between autistic children and their mothers, illuminating the profound strength, resilience, and love present in these relationships. This bilingual project, delivered in English and Polish, aims to debunk outdated perspectives and foster a deepened understanding of neurodiversity. The project, which encourages creative expression and inclusivity, has taken form through art workshops engaging diverse communities. The future progression of the project envisions a blend of traditional art practices with innovative technologies, supporting young creators with unique access needs. Rooted in the personal journey of its autistic artist creator, this project not only celebrates creativity as a therapeutic tool for individuals living with autism but also strives to boost self-esteem and alleviate social isolation by showcasing their work in public spaces.


My journey may have begun in Poland but has taken me across continents, languages, and disciplines. As I continue to create and learn, I hope my work will inspire others to embrace curiosity, pursue knowledge, and use creativity as a means of exploring our shared human experience. For it is through art that we can connect with the past, understand the present, and imagine a better future. And that is what drives me, as an artist and a historian - to uncover stories, create connections, and leave a mark on the world through my work.


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My work here is not available commercially, but should you be interested in obtaining a print or using my artworks for an exhibition, please do get in contact.

Mob. +44 07881239582

Southampton, UK

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