Violetta Liszka

Being Becoming/Becoming Being 2018

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be…

This project focuses on the quest to understand own identity. It seeks to explore the concepts of to be or not to be by drawing from the understanding of the film and the photographs. The concepts presented by the installation reflect the level of conflict experienced towards understanding self- identity. Nonetheless, it showcases the inability to completely discard a part of what defines a person in the quest of adopting a preferred identity.

For me, my last project Being Becoming / Becoming Being is an exploration and a means of capturing the unspoken words. To a certain extent, it is both me and my husband's project, and despite this it is not an autobiography or an extremely narcissistic genre, no Le livre de Moi. Telling own life story is not just about reporting events, but also about learning to distance ourselves from our own life, discovering ourselves to ourselves, finding a deeper sense and meaning in what we experience. We are faced with the need to try to answer many questions about the difficult and complex process of shaping identity, its scope, constant defining, diffusion and integration. This is tied to making constant comparisons, becoming aware of differences, answering the questions: who we are, what we want to be, what values create our identity, what is important and specific in the cultural canon, what hierarchy of needs we have, what authorities and characteristics of a group support us in shaping our identities, how do we combine the values derived from the family home with universal, global ones.


With Andrew Robinson


Photos by LeeRoy Copleston